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What printer and CISS should I get?
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Post What printer and CISS should I get? 
I've been reading the forum for some time. I found out a wonderful new world of ink. But I still have some doubts.
I want to buy a printer + CISS.

    Don't mind about black/white cost per page.
    I'll be printing about 3000-9000colour fliers per month.
    I'm just interested in the lowest colour cost per page possible.
    It has to have a good quality, not impressive or so, but it's going to have some pictures so it can't have a poor quality.
    I don't care nothing about speed, it can be 1ppm.

So in order to fill those requirements I've been searching for the printer that consumes less ink per page.
I've also searched some laser colour printers buying toner refills but it doesn't seem to compensate.
I've seen that the HP 8000/8500 series advertise 50% cost reduction from laser colour printers. While I hate hp, they advertise that a XL cartridge (which has 16ml of ink) can print 1400 pages. It seams like a good deal to buy one and install a CISS. Of course this has an added cost because printheads need to be replaced from time to time. but still...

So from your great experience, what printer consumes less ink and CISS should I buy? Also, where to buy good ink at a good price? and finally, what is a waste ink kit? I've read a lot about it but I don't known what are they for Mad

thank you for your help

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So much has changed since you posted so even your query is probably completely out of date...

If I had a chance to do over I'd suggest the HP K5400dtn as a really good workhorse but only with a dye ink to replace the black. You can still find a few of them around refurbished but they're few and far between sadly.

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