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epson 285 printers
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Post epson 285 printers 
i have used continuos inking systems for many years firstly with the epson 200 range then the 360 range all with no problems whatsoever but when my last 360 printer bit the dust due to the large amount of printing i do ( i go through 2 printers per year) i now find i can no longer get another 360 so i purchased 3 new 285's to use and put in stock tthen i purchased a new ciss inking system to go with the 285 printer the 1st printer just went on red would not recognise inking system at all the 2nd printer worked ok then it said yellow was empty but went to red on printer and would not do anything the 3rd printer worked the same at first then went to red on the printer yet again and it would do nothing pleasee please please any ideas i bought the inking system to save money i have now spent over £300

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When you say it "went to red" what exactly do you mean?

If it's what I think it is, your system has chips that aren't being recognised properly or you haven't been given the correct procedure for resetting the chips again.

I do know the R285 requires the printer to think the cartridges have been removed before they will reset and most of the more successful CIS systems use a little circuit breaking switch to handle this.

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when i mean it went red i mean the green light and the red light stays on meaning it needs the ink changing i have done what i was told to do and remove the cartridges and switch off then after approximateley 60 seconds switch on again but same thing happens it switches on goes through the motions then red light comes on and i cannot do anything.

if it is not reading the chip why on the 2nd and 3rd new printer did it recognise the ciss unit and work till one of the colours starts to run out it should then have pulled ink through again. one point though shortly before i got the red light on (when it was printing ok) i did notice that ink was pulling away down the pipes away from the cartridges so i cleaned the heads and it pulled the ink back through the pipes to the head shortly after that it went duff.

i have ordered a new continuos feed from another company hope i have not wasted more money i print a 10 page programme 140 programmes full colour every fortnight thats someamount of printing and i have a week to try to sort this mess out

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